Custom billing support
that grows with your practice


We strive to provide our client with all their mental health billing needs. Learn more about all the services we provide.

Credentialing and Contracting

Consulting provider on set up of EIN, NPI, and CAQH. Filling out applications for getting into insurance panels, following up on progress…

Claim Submission

Submitting claims electronically, filing secondary claims, coordinating automatic crossovers, attaching documentation needed for resubmission of claims.

Follow-up and Appeals

Calling insurance companies to check on status of unpaid or rejected claims, calling patients for recovery of unpaid balances, filing appeals….


“I am happy to tell you about Michelle and her wonderful team. They have never failed me! Whatever my needs are, they work hard to take care of them in the most prompt, professional and expert way. They are so knowledgeable about insurance and dealing with any issues that come up that I always trust that they will take care of anything. The best part of this is that they take care of the business end (which I believe they love to do) so that I can totally focus on my patients and their needs. The billing and money issues can stay out of my clients and the work we do which gives us a very clean working space for therapy. I have always felt that Michelle’s goal is to do just that which brings her into the healing process for my clients as well. It is wonderful for me to know that her business is just as much about helping people in need by protecting the frame that I work in. When I started my practice she did all of my credentialing and is always available to answer any questions I have. She will fight for you too if that is needed. I honestly can’t think of a single hiccup. She will be right there for you no matter what. She has a great team. Shiela is my touchstone too and she is absolutely wonderful!!”

- Nancy Olson, LCPC



Increased collections. More patient time. Reduced overhead. A La Carte and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation services.