Our Services

Claim Submission

Submitting claims electronically, filing secondary claims, coordinating automatic crossovers, attaching documentation needed for resubmission of claims.

Patient Billing

Responding to patient and provider inquiries, invoicing patients, generating AR and other financial reports, resolving patient billing questions & concerns, and processing credit card payments.

Payment Posting

Entering all insurance and patient payments, making account and ledger adjustments, pulling payment reports, or generating balance ledger reports for providers.

Follow-up and Appeals

Calling insurance companies to check on status of unpaid or rejected claims, calling patients for recovery of unpaid balances, resubmission of claims with documentation, filing appeals, sending accounts to collections.

Financial Reports

Access over 30 reports about the financial health of your practice. Examples include insurance aging, patient aging, monthly and daily summaries, reimbursement analysis for different payers and A/R reports.

Intake/Virtual Assistant

Taking calls from patients, scheduling patients, entering patient demographics and insurance information into the providers’ EHR system, helping provider while they are out of the office.

Verification of Benefits

Calling insurance companies to verify mental health benefits and eligibility BEFORE the patient is seen, set up authorizations or single case agreements, tracking EAPS, storing information in Provider’s EHR and reaching out to patient with benefits and accumulations.


Hire us to consult with your practice to help make necessary adjustments within your billing systems, train staff, or hire us to use our expertise to help improve your clinical and administrative processes.

Credentialing and Contracting

Consulting provider on set up of EIN, NPI, and CAQH.  Filling out applications for getting into insurance panels, following up on progress, and finalizing contracts and fee schedules for providers, and set up of electronic ERAS and direct deposit.

Practice Management Solutions

Flexibility to be able to use our in-house billing system or simply give us access to your EHR, and we will work through yours.

Self-Pay Clients

Handling practices who only have self-pay clients and need the support for Good Faith Estimates and the No Surprises Act.