I just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled I am with the quality of service I am receiving from my amazing billing team. They haven’t skipped a beat, take initiative without being prompted, are easily reachable, and are always pleasant to work with. I just wanted you to know that they are doing a great job!! And I’m really grateful to have them.
Jana Fuchs
MA, LCPC, JF Counseling and Consulting, LLC
Michelle has been an absolute necessity for my practice! Before I found her, I had become so overwhelmed with getting on insurance panels and had no idea where to turn. Michelle swooped in to save the day! Not only is she excellent at accomplishing exactly what I need, but she's also quick, efficient, and a joy to work with.
Sarah Buino
LCSW, CADC, President of Head / Heart
Michelle is so efficient at what she does! She cares about the accuracy of her work and is a great communicator. She has been doing insurance billing for my group practice since January, 2011 and the time that she saves me is worth every penny!
Janelle DiMichele
LCSW, Owner of Janelle DiMichele & Associates
Michelle has been great at working with insurance companies to clarify billing discrepancies. She has been professionally persistent in the most frustrating and trying of circumstances, resulting in sessions being ultimately covered. I'm very pleased with her work!
Christina Zerwer
LCPC, Owner of City Breeze Counseling
Michelle does a great job of billing for my practice. I send her the information and she takes it from there. It makes my life much easier and allows me to concentrate on the things that I like to do, which is “seeing the patient”. It is fast, economical and she gets the job done. Follow-up, follow-through becomes nothing on my part, since Michelle does the work. Fewer headaches, heartaches, bank aches and stress aches. I highly recommend getting someone to do your billing, and I strongly suggest that someone to be Michelle.
Dr. Howard Chusid
EdD, LMHC, The Helping Place
When I began my practice, I asked Michelle to be my billing manager. She Jumped right in and outlined our separate responsibilities so that she could expedite my billing. Her knowledge, patience and competency allowed the practice to function in an efficient way. I never had to be concerned about things falling through the cracks. I highly recommend Michelle as a billing manager and know that you will benefit from her services. She will be an asset to your practice.
Margaret Dudley
Michelle is an excellent resource for billing. She attends to the needs of the therapist, providing the needed information very quickly and follows up with each claim. She is accurate in her work and will go beyond for the therapist to be reimbursed for each claim. She will even make excellent suggestions to the therapist about the fees charged. there is no question as I would highly recommend her for all billing needs.
Edie Kleinman
I first hired Michelle in January 2012 as my billing specialist. She deals with all insurance matters as well as most of the financial aspects of my practice. Hiring Michelle was an excellent decision! She is prompt, thorough, detail-oriented and committed to her work. I could not work with my high volume of clinical work without her assistance. I highly recommend her!
Jennifer Panning
PsyD, Owner of Mindful Psychology Associates
I am happy to tell you about Michelle and her wonderful team. They have never failed me! Whatever my needs are, they work hard to take care of them in the most prompt, professional and expert way. They are so knowledgeable about insurance and dealing with any issues that come up that I always trust that they will take care of anything. The best part of this is that they take care of the business end (which I believe they love to do) so that I can totally focus on my patients and their needs. The billing and money issues can stay out of my clients and the work we do which gives us a very clean working space for therapy. I have always felt that Michelle’s goal is to do just that which brings her into the healing process for my clients as well. It is wonderful for me to know that her business is just as much about helping people in need by protecting the frame that I work in. When I started my practice she did all of my credentialing and is always available to answer any questions I have. She will fight for you too if that is needed. I honestly can’t think of a single hiccup. She will be right there for you no matter what. She has a great team. Shiela is my touchstone too and she is absolutely wonderful!!
Nancy Olson
Billing Specialist Services is quick and efficient in submitting my claims to the insurance companies. Stephanie in particularly, is on top of problems and denied claims. This has allowed me to focus on what I am good at-counseling. Meanwhile, Michelle and Stephanie have been patient with answering all my questions and providing guidance. I’ve enjoyed working with them.
Linda Powell
I have been with Michelle for 6 years now and I cannot say enough wonderful things about how helpful she has been for me and for my practice in all this time. She helped me get started as soon as I was incorporated, and she took on the tedious process of credentialing with various health insurance plans efficiently and effectively. It took time on the insurance companies’ end, but there were no hiccups on her part, and soon after I was in-network. I can say with confidence that Michelle knows the ins and outs of mental health billing, the redeterminations, resubmissions, and the appeals. I don’t know where she finds the extra hours in her day to call on insurance companies, and very importantly, to get effective results! Simply put, she gets you the money you’re owed for providing your service to clients. Michelle is accessible in all formats- email, phone, text. She truly provides a personal touch to what can seem like an impersonal process!! Her approach when reaching out to my clients is friendly, direct yet understanding, collaborative, and results-oriented… my clients comment on how great she is to work with! I am so happy that Michelle’s practice is growing as I believe her personal approach to billing services will come across in her leadership style and training of staff; I have found all of her staff to have a similar collaborative approach as well. I recommend Michelle’s billing service without hesitation.
Grace Palacio
PsyD, Wellington Psychological Services
I have to give a shout out to Michelle and her team at Billing Specialist Services! After the retirement of our biller of 20+ years, we were in desperate need of someone who understood our specific billing needs. We have a very busy practice and it was important for us to find someone personable, hardworking, understanding, organized and easy to work with. We searched the internet and contacted several billing providers, including Billing Specialist Services. The quick and personable response to our inquiry was just one indication to us that this was a stand-out business. Upon speaking with Michelle, and explaining our needs and her team’s ability to meet them, we were comfortable to get started with Billing Specialist Services. Although paying hourly rates was new to us, Michelle reassured us that once all of the previous biller’s information transferred over and the kinks worked out, we could expect to be paying close to what we were before. What we didn’t expect, and was a welcomed addition to us, was the daily communication on all accounts, especially those with outstanding balances. Michelle kept us updated on the work that was going on with these accounts to get them paid! She also went to work on accounts that were left open from our previous biller as well as ones that our previous biller had not submitted. Due to her persistence with the insurance companies, we are AMAZINGLY receiving payments on those we had written-off! We are thrilled with the fact that we have someone who will work just as hard for us, to get all that we can from the insurance companies, as we do for out patient’s! Billing Specialist Services is highly recommended in our book! Thank you, Michelle!
Dr. Robert J Walsh
PsyD, HSPP, Comprehensive Psychology Services