What makes you different than other billing companies and why should we outsource our billing to you?

Our company prides our selves on constant communication, follow up is our strong suite, we cater to every provider’s needs, we offer a la carte services so providers can pick and choose what services they need the most in order to save them time and money, providers are happy with their increased revenue, and we treat all of our clients and their patients as part of our family here at BSS.

How does your company stay HIPAA compliant?

We have a HIPAA compliance company that works with our staff and makes sure that the following are implemented: all staff must pass a HIPAA compliance test every year, all of their work electronics must pass through our IT department as well as our HIPAA Compliance Group. Our staff must follow protocols that are set in our company policies compliant with all HIPAA guidelines. Our company undergoes a HIPAA risk management analysis every six months and has to pass in order to continue operating. We have passed every time since we started with the HIPAA Compliance Group. All email is encrypted, systems are covered by duplicate backups, and paper records are shredded with a certificate for business shredding compliance when no longer needed.

What are your rates for services?

We do not believe in charging providers percentages.  Therefore, we charge hourly for ONLY the hours spent on services rendered to the provider.  We use a timer system to keep track of time spent on services for each provider and when invoiced, all hours are described and accounted for.

Contact [email protected] for structured pricing.

How available is your staff to providers?

All providers are able to reach the owner at anytime.  Staff assigned to your account carry their own hours but make themselves available to you as much as possible. Emails are answered within 24 hours.

If I come to you with old denied claims are you able to help me get my payments?

If your claims are still within timely filing, the answer is yes.  If past it, we can make appeals depending on separate insurance appeal guidelines and if the denied claim falls within that.

How often does your staff check on claims?

Staff checks on claim processing and payments daily.  Once corrected claims are sent, these are checked on every 15-30 days.

How soon after receiving billing from the provider, are you able to submit?

If the provider sends over complete and accurate information, no later than three days.  Depending on staff workload, we sometimes can submit next day, but to be transparent, we like to say three days.

What is your benefit turn around time?

We are able to get benefits within 24 hours.

How do you handle receiving patient information?

We will take spreadsheets, csv reports or actual paperwork of patient demographics, copy of front and back of the insurance card, and HIPAA PHI statement sign off from the patient.  All can be either mailed to us in one package with all information with tracking number and signed delivery, or by email or google sheet, or fax as long as it is through a secure encrypted means.

How does your staff stay on top of the billing industry and all of its changes?

All staff continues their education attending webinars, receiving up to date information from every insurance company as well as subscribing to memberships and keeping track of state standards.  Our staff also meets one time a month to work together to give our providers the most up to date info in the industry.