Provider Spotlight

Sarah Suzuki, LCSW, CEO of Chicago Compass Counseling

Years ago, I witnessed the tragic gap in care for those trapped in cycles of self-destruction. This insight planted the seed for Chicago Compass Counseling (CCC), a minority and woman-owned business founded in 2013 to provide inclusive behavior change counseling in Chicago.
Our mission was clear – help break destructive patterns through compassionate care. As specialists centered on inclusivity, we set out to serve communities impacted by stigma and lack of access, determined to overcome barriers limiting care.
We celebrated milestones like connecting 60+ organizations and 5,000+ individuals to evidence-based solutions. But to truly break cycles, we evolved our care model – listening to the community and taking a firm stand against white supremacy.
In 2018, we embedded anti-racism into our care model. That same year, I met Michelle from BSS during a gathering of female practice owners. Her compassion and clarity on billing intricacies deeply resonated. This was about a shared commitment.
Our ethos aligned seamlessly with BSS’s – quality work, competitive rates, and unwavering transparency. We experienced BSS’s outstanding service firsthand. In healthcare, trust and reputation matter.
As CCC continues championing community wellness, we can confidently focus on our mission. With BSS ethically handling our billing needs, their support emboldens our journey to lasting, positive impact.